Senior Counsel

Senior Counsel

Job Posting: Senior Counsel

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Do you want to spend your time generating cross-cutting innovative litigation targeted toward economic and social justice? Do you enjoy a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere that encourages unconventional thinking and calculated risk-taking? Would you like to work at an organization with the litigation chops of a boutique firm and the nimble agenda of an attorney general? If so, read on!

Justice Catalyst Law (“JCL”) is looking for an experienced Senior Counsel to join our team. Senior Counsel will provide substantive and technical expertise and leadership to boost JCL’s case development and litigation capacity. Working under the direction of the Legal Director, Senior Counsel will have the experience, ability, and drive to lead and work independently on assigned projects.


Our Organization

A nonprofit organization founded in 2018, Justice Catalyst Law develops cutting-edge, interdisciplinary impact cases and legal strategies that advance economic and social justice. We specialize in fighting corporate or private actor abuses by applying multiple areas of law to new contexts. We often work in collaboration with a diverse set of nonprofits, advocates, and law firms to develop, investigate, and litigate bold cases with broad, practical, on-the-ground impact. Our mission is to expand the legal system’s potential to provide meaningful accountability for the most powerful, and to bring justice and sustainable change to the communities that are most often left behind by our economic and legal systems, with attention to racial and other longstanding inequities

Many of our cases cut across substantive enforcement areas, such as anti-trust, RICO, consumer, environmental, and civil rights laws, to shape novel applications of those laws to real-world problems and economic injustices. For a sample of our cases, please visit

We are a small and highly collaborative team of people who work hard and laugh hard, and welcome new perspectives and ideas. We enjoy a lively start-up culture that encourages spirited debate based on throwing ourselves deeply into the details of a particular problem, and pushing to find a path to a practical and permanent solution. Our team stands together in our shared commitment to using our talents and energy to making a more just and equitable world right now. We have an experimental mindset and encourage unconventional thinking and risk-taking. We value employee relationships, growth, and well-being, and strive to create an equitable, inclusive organization.

Justice Catalyst Law works closely with Justice Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that supports innovative legal work and administers a fellowship program for new attorneys in public interest fields at nonprofits, government agencies, and other offices.

Justice Catalyst Law is tax-exempt as a 501(c)(3) human and civil rights organization.


Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that a variety of perspectives and backgrounds enriches and maximizes our work. We aim to assemble an applicant pool that is reflective of the world in which we live — one that is diverse in race, color, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic background, professional background, mental and physical abilities, and other traits that make us who we are.

We are also an organization made up of lawyers and non-lawyers, and we work alongside, and have great respect for advocates, organizers, and clients from every walk of life. The right person for this role will be committed to listening to and learning from people with different life experiences and expertise.

JCL is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are made without regard to any status or activity protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in this opportunity to apply.


The Role

Manager: Legal Director

Location: Preference for being based in NYC, but other locations will be considered, with agreement both to align core work hours with that of colleagues in NYC headquarters and to travel at least quarterly to work in NYC. This position may be performed remotely, with occasional travel required as necessary to attend litigation-related matters in-person, along with the quarterly in-person staff meetings and/or retreats.

Schedule: Full-time, exempt


Core Responsibilities

  • Working quickly and under tight deadlines to research and provide high-quality analysis of novel legal theories and translating those ideas into concrete legal actions or strategies that can be filed or advanced to further social or economic justice now
  • Conducting and overseeing multiple simultaneous factual investigations into corporate and economic abuses, including outreach to potential clients, interviewing witnesses, and online factual research
  • Developing, supporting, planning and executing high-level legal and litigation strategies
  • Developing and being accountable for maintaining, supporting and growing relationships with partners and allies
  • Discussing and developing case ideas, including with potential partners and co-counsel
  • All aspects of early-stage litigation, including drafting and securing retainers, co-counsel agreements, and complaints, briefs and motion practices. JCL primarily focuses on early stage litigation, and as such, this position typically does not involve trial work, but regularly may include work up to and including summary judgment.
  • As needed, and as assigned, providing guidance and direction to other members of the legal team
  • Other duties assigned by the Legal Director


Core Skills

  • Pragmatic and creative mindset, with a high tolerance for litigation risk and novel legal strategies
  • Flexibility and ability to thrive in a dynamic, experimental work environment
  • Preference for active, rather than passive engagement to secure broad, immediate and practical impact
  • Advanced oral and written presentation and brief-writing skills, and ability to effectively communicate ideas to co-counsel, partners, allies, and advisory boards
  • Ability to produce written briefing and advocacy materials that require minimal editing
  • Expert skill at meeting high-stakes deadlines in a highly demanding intellectual environment
  • Exceptional ability to work independently with great efficiency and manage complex projects with minimal supervisory oversight
  • Openness to asking questions, and sharing and learning from mistakes
  • Enthusiasm for being part of a new and growing organization
  • Compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm for working in a highly collaborative environment


Required Qualifications

  • J.D. and bar admission to any U.S. jurisdiction
  • Minimum 12-15 years of full-time civil litigation practice as an attorney
  • Class action litigation experience in a private or non-profit setting
  • Passion for social and economic justice work


Desired Qualifications

  • 15+ years of full-time civil litigation practice as an attorney, preferably including experience in a private or non-profit setting
  • Demonstrated expertise in one or more of the following areas of law: antitrust, consumer, corporate, criminal, employment, human rights, RICO, whistleblower, data / privacy
  • Proficiency in speaking and communicating in a second language in common use in affected stakeholder communities, preferably Spanish
  • Interest in working to help us grow as an organization long term


Compensation and Benefits

Justice Catalyst Law salaries are commensurate with relevant skill and experience, and competitive with the U.S. federal government General Schedule (GS) payscale. Salaries are also adjusted based on locality area in accordance with the U.S. federal GS locality pay adjustments. The starting base salary for a Senior Counsel (located in N.Y.C.) in 2022 is $152,469.00.

Justice Catalyst Law also offers a competitive benefits package, which includes an employer-sponsored medical, dental, and vision plan, a matching 401k plan (up to 4% of base salary), a flexible spending account, professional development opportunities, paid bar and legal organization membership dues, flexible hours and ability to work remotely, and a generous vacation policy.   


To Apply

Please submit a resume and brief personal statement to the Senior Counsel position below.

Your personal statement should address:

  1. Your experience with leading change and innovation, developing a new technique, implementation, or designing enforcement or advocacy to cut across traditional divisions or conceptions of legal thinking and enforcement;
  2. An experience applying a legal subject matter in an unusual context. For example, applying consumer law to address a problem in the criminal legal system context. If you have never done this, please provide an example of another type of innovative litigation that you have carried out;
  3. Your experience building, developing, or working with coalitions;
  4. How you might add diversity, of any kind, to the JCL team (Please note that this is optional).